1. Carolyn Kordich Family Resource Center
  2. Family Focus Resource & Empowerment Center
  3. Family Resource Library (Eastern Los Angeles)
  4. Harbor Regional Center
  5. The Koch-Young Resource Center
  6. Long Beach Family Resource Center
  7. San Gabriel/Pomona Parents' Place Family Resource and Empowerment Center
  8. South Central Los Angeles Regional Center Early Start Family Resource Center
  9. Southeast Family Resource Center
  10. Southwest Special Education Family Resource Center
  11. Westside Family Resource and Empowerment Center


Learning Centers

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Main Category Learning Resource
Online Classes Intro To Basic Computer Usage
Online Classes Intro To Web Browsing 800x600
Webinars - Video G-Tube Care
Webinars - Video Electronic Care Notebook
Webinars - PDF Electronic Care Notebook (English, Spanish & Chinese)
Webinars - PDF Weight Management (English, Spanish & Chinese)
Webinars - PDF G-Tube Care (English, Spanish & Chinese)
Podcast Epilepsy - English
Podcast Epilepsy - Spanish 1
Podcast Epilepsy - Spanish 2
Podcast Epilepsy - Spanish 3

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