1. Carolyn Kordich Family Resource Center
  2. Family Focus Resource & Empowerment Center
  3. Family Resource Library (Eastern Los Angeles)
  4. Harbor Regional Center
  5. The Koch-Young Resource Center
  6. Long Beach Family Resource Center
  7. San Gabriel/Pomona Parents' Place Family Resource and Empowerment Center
  8. South Central Los Angeles Regional Center Early Start Family Resource Center
  9. Southeast Family Resource Center
  10. Southwest Special Education Family Resource Center
  11. Westside Family Resource and Empowerment Center




Parent-to-Parent is a program whereby "veteran parents" (those who have several years' experience raising a child with a disability) and are trained to provide information and emotional support to parents who are encountering, for the first time, the responsibilities and opportunities of raising a child with a disability.
Reading Room

Family-centered care ensures that families have access to information that helps them to care for or make decisions for their family member special healthcare or with developmental needs. This information comes in many forms.
Learning Center

Learning opportunities are not just culturally appropriate but take on many formats and subjects such as video, podcast, and training modules. This website hopes to not only give you information but its also show you how to use the internet to get information specific.

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